We are one of the fastest growing companies in the computer repair industry. We are also one of the pioneers in the online remote computer repair, being one of the first companies to provide this method of service nationwide.
We offer a safe and convenient online remote pc repair delivery method as well as traditional onsite, in-home and in-office service; providing support for: PCs, Networks, Printers, Scanners, Smartphones, MP3 players, Software, and Hardware support

Why Choose Us

  • 24h on-site service ✓
  • All operating systems ✓
  • Affordable, reliable and fast ✓
  • Competent computer technicians ✓
  • Computer diagnostics ✓
  • Computer repairs ✓
  • Data backups ✓
  • Data Recovery 
Expert Engineers

Yes we deal with our best team.

Experience Skills

All our engineers are well experienced

Guarantee Service

Our services will be available to 24/7

Trusted Work

we will be proving you the best service just trust on us.


steps to Ensure for safety of your system

  1. Keep liquids away from your laptop. …
  2. Having antivirus software available is the best defence against a virus. …
  3. Keep food away from your laptop. …
  4. Do not use your computer in a room where animals are. …
  5. Ideally keep the computer in a clean and dust free room.
  6. Always have clean hands when using your laptop



“I feel that being honest and up front with people as my PC Techs were with us they will surely be the computer techs to go with. The service was great not to mention the cost. They will have a very satisfied customer with us. Thank You.”


“My PC Tech responds reasonably priced and has always come through fixing my computer problems. I’d recommend them far and wide to everyone!